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"Mindfulness simply means to 'remember' to bring the mind back again and again to its point of focus when it has become distracted, scattered or lost with a caring and considerate attitude"

Geraldine Thomas

An excellent tutor with considerable knowledge and experience...

Liverpool: Teacher training participant.

About Mindflow

Our training organisation is a participating member of the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations. Our trainees adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers and we encourage the teachers we train to adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for Teachers.


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Geraldine Thomas

Mindflow Director

Geraldine has extensive training and experience of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and contemplative based approaches which she integrates into her work as a psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher and trainer.



Laura Holden

Mindflow Teacher

Laura joins Mindflow as a mindfulness consultant, delivering both Mindflow MBSR and MBCT programmes. She has extensive experience of working within both Primary and Voluntary Care settings.