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"Once mental images linked to a desire build up in the mind, one either satisfies the desire or suppresses it. The inner conflict is a constant source of distress."

Matthieu Ricard

I recently under went surgery. I did the practices I learnt on my mindfulness course. I felt calm and recovered quickly from the surgery. I was amazed how it helped me!

Mindflow 8 week course participant.

Aintree University Hospital

Mindflow was invited to deliver at mindfulness awareness training day to staff at Aintree Hospital as part of their internal coaching prorgamme.

The day proceeded with an introduction to what mindfulness is and how it could help support staff within their workplace and client base. Participants attending this awareness day had very little experience of mindfulness but engaged very well with the variety of experiential practices introduced. Experiential practices were supported with theory and current research in relation to mindfulness and neuroscience. Participants were also introduced to the UK Network Good Practice Guidelines for mindfulness-based teachers.