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"Learning will be facilitated, if the teacher is congruent. This involves the teacher being who he/she is and being openly aware of the attitudes he/she holds."

Carl Rogers

The other day on the school bus I felt wanted to punch someone who was annoying me. I then remembered Stop Gap Go and my breath. I didn't punch him.

Y10 Stop Gap Go pupil participant.

New Heights High School

Mindflow has been introducing Stop Gap Go into New Heights School in Liverpool. New Heights is a pupil referral unit working with children who have been excluded from main stream education.

The Stop Gap Go programmme was delivered over a period of 8 weeks to a small group of pupils and their teacher. Pupils engaged at varying degrees with the mindfulness practices introduced. Each week was very different bringing different challenges to the working dynamics of the group. It was fascinating and a privilege to work with these kids and to see the potential for growth they have within themselves for change. One pupil was amazed at the level of habitual impulse to throw a tennis ball when asked to simply hold it. In addition to working with groups of children Mindflow is also carrying out one two one work which has also shown quite remarkable results.

The teachers within this referral school have undertaken mindfulness training with Mindflow. The support from school in the delivery of Stop Gap Go has been excellent and Mindflow will be continuing to work with New Heights School in the coming year.